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Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering is a way not only to give back to the community you live in, or to nature, but volunteering triggers the pleasures centers in the brain to the same levels as taking cocaine.


Profile – Self Esteem & Nature

Ten years ago, I was 23 and working as a volunteer in Yosemite National Park. I have had low self esteem my entire life and spent ridiculous amounts of money on clothes, hairstyles and highlights, all in an effort to fit in and to feel beautiful. It didn’t work. The Betsey Johnson dresses were beautiful, [...]

Torn Between Two Loves

Torn Between Two Loves

By Dagny McKinley Love is all or nothing with me.  I went to Yosemite in love with a guy and ended up falling for a park. For eight months, I had a crush on a guy I worked with at the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles.  What I felt was more than a crush, I [...]

Ten Shots to Yosemite

Ten Shots to Yosemite

By Dagny McKinley “Here’s to Yosemite,” I toast.  The first shot I take alone.  My private moment.  It burns as it goes down.  Gag reflex starts to kick in, but gets washed away by the yeasty taste of beer chasing it down deep to my gut.  Tequila, golden colored, a treasure to be found, amber [...]

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