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The Wandering Rose – Vaginas

Until we can say the words penis, vagina and anus as freely as we say fingers, toes, ears and nose, we will never be whole beings. Our bodies are part of the environment and each of our body parts has an important function to perform. This story is an effort to reclaim the beauty of [...]


Story of the Week – The Wandering Rose – Anonymous

Leaving the comfort of a life that would be easy, Enna Rose’s feet left cracks on the dried earth, her very being weighed down with the knowledge that pilgrimages were about lessons, about good and bad and that to stop now would mean she had not been willing to learn all that there was from [...]


Quote of the Week

Why wouldn’t Jesus want to come back as a moose? He could stay shaggy, wander free and absorb the most beautiful places the world has to offer? – The Wandering Rose – Anonymous


Undiscovered Earth Books

Every now and then a story comes along that needs to be told. Undiscovered Earth’s newest release ‘The Wandering Rose,’ is one of those works. A non-traditional narrative follows the journey of a woman who is claimed by nature. Despite her attempts to live in a civilized world, she is pulled back into a world [...]

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