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Story – Hypoxia by AM Kennedy

The first one to notice anything strange was the cat. She sat at the window, a dark shadow against the sunshine. She could not be coaxed away for food or play. Any attempt to pull her off the ledge rewarded Evey with a hiss and a scratch. It was then that Evey realized the cat [...]

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Escape From The Concrete World by Christina Wager

Bringing his binoculars to his eyes, Stan Wilson peered at the outstretch of sprawling park before him, a sense of happiness flooding through him. The summer heat barely effected the park’s radiant foliage. The wide expanses of grass were greener than the irrigated fields outside the city; the scattered clumps of trees resembled a natural [...]


Story – Audrey Rose – Crossing Over

With a single step, Audrey Rose changed her life; she stepped over a line. The line was not a visible one. The line was not marked by sign nor paint nor any other indicator. The line was the line between Colorado and New Mexico. The animals, the ants, the birds, the squirrels did not appear [...]


Folklore – Grasshoppers

We had a pet cow and in order to keep the flies from eating her, we covered her with some green paint that we had left over, after painting the house. The hoppers came along, ate up the cow, paint and all.


Audrey Rose – The Sound of Life – dagny mckinley

The Sound of Life Splat. Blood sprayed outward from the body that had dropped a foot from its mother’s vagina. A tail curled and bent under and a squat position was the only indication that the mother was giving birth. Audrey Rose squatted beside the dog, singing a soft lullaby. The mother whined softly before [...]


Story – The Church of Audrey Rose

Audrey Rose decided to open her own church. She turned on Joe’s computer and found YourCHURCH.com. For $250.00 they would help her file the 501c3 forms to start her own practice. The man on the phone was very polite, finishing every sentence with ‘may the Lord be with you, my child,’ to which Audrey Rose [...]


Audrey Rose – Superman

Audrey Rose decided to fall in love. It was either that, or inject herself with the Ebola virus and lock herself in a crate headed for Nicaragua. As much as she liked the safety of small dark spaces, the idea of fever, vomiting and diarrhea with the occasional internal or external bleeding wasn’t sounding like [...]


Excerpt – For Whom the Bell Tolls – Earnest Hemmingway

Robert Jordan pushed aside the saddle blanket that hung over the mouth of the bace and, stepping out, took a deep breath of the cold night air. The mist had cleared away and the stars were out. There was no wind, and, outside now of the warm air of the cave, heavy with smoke of [...]


Fiction – Audrey Rose – The Lynx

“We talk every day and today I get a fucking email telling me that the very last part of my mother, the one vestige, the one living remembrance I had of her is gone. And when I call my sister, she says ‘we all expected it, what’s the big deal?’ And I asked myself, what’s the big deal? What’s the big fucking deal?” said the female.


Non-Fiction – Black Elk Speaks – Excerpt

It is necessary to go far away from people to lament…

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