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Story of the Week – The Wandering Rose – Anonymous

Leaving the comfort of a life that would be easy, Enna Rose’s feet left cracks on the dried earth, her very being weighed down with the knowledge that pilgrimages were about lessons, about good and bad and that to stop now would mean she had not been willing to learn all that there was from [...]


Story – Hypoxia by AM Kennedy

The first one to notice anything strange was the cat. She sat at the window, a dark shadow against the sunshine. She could not be coaxed away for food or play. Any attempt to pull her off the ledge rewarded Evey with a hiss and a scratch. It was then that Evey realized the cat [...]

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Fiction – Audrey Rose – Giving Thanks

Justin walked through the front door, stepped over Audrey Rose. “That’s sick. I hope you’re going to clean that snot up.” He turned on the TV. “Jesus, Audrey Rose, I thought you were dead.” Joe was squatting next to her. “Why would you think that?” Audrey Rose stretched and sat up. “Because you were lying [...]


Literature – Excerpt from ‘When I Could Fly’ by Dagny

The first sign came when they brought the dogs. Tails straight out like arrows, perfectly still watching my every move. One step too close and limbs would be torn from body, lives lost. When I learned how to befriend the dogs they brought the snakes because snakes know no friends. Thousands of them poured onto [...]


Story – The Church of Audrey Rose

Audrey Rose decided to open her own church. She turned on Joe’s computer and found YourCHURCH.com. For $250.00 they would help her file the 501c3 forms to start her own practice. The man on the phone was very polite, finishing every sentence with ‘may the Lord be with you, my child,’ to which Audrey Rose [...]


Inanna – Queen of Heaven and Earth – Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer

Translation by Diane Wolkstein and Samuel Kramer The Lady of the Evening At the end of the day, the Radiant Star, the Great Light that fills the sky, The Lady of the Evening appears in the heavens. The people in all the lands lift their eyes to her. The men purify themselves; the women cleanse [...]


Fiction – Audrey Rose – The Lynx

“We talk every day and today I get a fucking email telling me that the very last part of my mother, the one vestige, the one living remembrance I had of her is gone. And when I call my sister, she says ‘we all expected it, what’s the big deal?’ And I asked myself, what’s the big deal? What’s the big fucking deal?” said the female.

Audrey Rose – Crossing Over

Audrey Rose – Crossing Over

by: Dagny McKinley With a single step, Audrey Rose changed her life; she stepped over a line. The line was not a visible one. The line was not marked by sign nor paint nor any other indicator. The line was the line between Colorado and New Mexico. The animals, the ants, the birds, the squirrels [...]


Featured Book – John Fante – Ask the Dust

You could die, but the desert would hide the secret of your death, it would remain after you, to cover your memory with ageless wind and heat and cold.

Fiction – Audrey Rose: Dreams

Fiction – Audrey Rose: Dreams

Flakes fell down over Audrey Rose, covering her in a thin layer. Her eyes moved back and forth under her eyelids, seeing worlds that weren’t there or had once been there. She was curled in the rocky crags of Mount Shavano. The wind blew and shrieked and pulled at her. And then it was still. [...]

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