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Product Review – Aether Women’s Element Jacket

The last review I posted was about a year ago. Since then, I haven’t bought any new gear. However, with winter coming in fast, I was more than fortunate to receive the Aether Women’s Element Jacket in the mail. Without a solid down coat for the winter, I was panicking. While it’s only November, Steamboat [...]


Thought of the Week

Thought of the Week – If a boot is a size 7 then it should fit a size 7 foot. If a boot has insulation or wool liners, then the inside of the boot where the foot sits should be a size 7. Selling a size 7 boot with a 5 1/2 foot interior is [...]


Review – Aether Journal

Out of the blue yesterday, I got a Fall/Winter Issue of Aether Journal. I have never heard of the company and almost tossed it in the trash without looking through it, but the word journal compelled me to open it up. The tagline is Outdoor Adventure, Urban Exploration & Innovative Design.  The journal is a [...]


Adventures Without Gear

Whenever September rolls around, I find myself looking for adventure. Whether it’s because I used to volunteer for the Park Service in September or because I know the weather for adventure is about to end, I get the itch. This year, not having any money to go anywhere, I have decided to look for adventure [...]


Undiscovered Earth Books

Every now and then a story comes along that needs to be told. Undiscovered Earth’s newest release ‘The Wandering Rose,’ is one of those works. A non-traditional narrative follows the journey of a woman who is claimed by nature. Despite her attempts to live in a civilized world, she is pulled back into a world [...]


From Beach to Mountains

Sometimes we don’t realize we’re missing anything in life until we are confronted with an emotion, a smell or an environment. This recently happened to me upon moving from San Diego back to Colorado. When I first reached San Diego from Idaho, I was overwhelmed by the noise of airplanes, cars, sirens and people. My [...]


Product Review – Imspired

Out of the UK has come a fantastic invention that recently won the 2012 Best New Product (Desk accessory) Award at the UK Stationary Show. The product is easy on the earth and the company is environmentally responsible. So what is it? It’s Imspired. That’s right. Imspired is a pyramid shaped whiteboard for the desktop [...]


Alpine Aire Foods

I know I’ve covered these guys before, but I have to give another shout out. On my descent into homelessness, I’ve been on a very strict food budget and to supplement what I could afford to buy, I have been eating leftover Alpine Aire meals  for my main meal every day. When you’re camping, almost [...]

A Letter to Winter Boot Makers

Dear winter boot makers: What do you think when you make winter boots? Who do you make your boots for? Yes, your boots may be pretty and have nice details and leather accents, but do you use these boots in the conditions for which you make them? Yes, I’m talking to you North Face and [...]


Product Review – Princeton Tec Amp 3.0 LED Flashlight

Got this flashlight for Christmas and I keep it in the pocket of my jacket when I go out in the mornings as it’s still dark and pretty icy. It’s lightweight, offers great light and comes with batteries which makes me really happy. The only change I would make is the way it’s set up [...]

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