Eco-Conscious Couple Dream of Co-Creating a Sustainable Eco-Sanctuary and Wellness Retreat in Hawaii

ecosancPicton, ON – Two Picton Ontario residents have a Big Dream. Michael & Jillian, who reside in rural Ontario, with their two Newfoundland dogs Rupert and Lyra, are packing up this November and heading to the Big Island of Hawaii.

The two dream of co-creating a Sustainable Eco-Sanctuary and Wellness Retreat including an animal sanctuary, sustainable renewable energy and an organic farm utilizing the tenets of permaculture in their design.

The pair are health food enthusiasts who currently work as freelance web developers and internet marketers, but their greatest interests are in sustainable living, growing their own food, and a lifestyle of health and wellness. Jillian also works as a Yoga instructor.

“We have spent a lot of time and energy putting our web development skills towards helping our clients achieve their goals, which is rewarding. But, it has been really fun for us to apply our skills towards our own dream. Putting ourselves and our dream ‘out there’ can be quite a cathartic experience as well.” says Michael.

Jillian was asked why Hawaii and responded “It was a very magical place that triggered something deep within my soul, and I knew that was the land I am being called to live out our vision of building an eco-sanctuary and wellness retreat.”

Michael & Jillian have taken their dream and cause to the public by creating an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to help finance their dream. Theyecosanc2 have created and designed a raw cook book called “7 Days of Raw” featuring 7 full days of raw food recipes including snacks and dessert. The book is made up of recipes Jillian had invented, borrowed and improved on, over the years. Some other perks include yoga class videos, website and graphic design and crystal singing bowls.

There are more interesting perks coming up for their campaign, but they don’t want to give too much away, just yet.

Michael and Jillian intend to realize their big dream together and everything they learn along the way will be made available for public education through their website. For more information, please visit

For more information on their crowd funding campaign and to purchase their raw cookbook, please visit

We are committed to offering a safe haven for animals and plants to thrive in a natural eco-system, while maintaining the tenets of permaculture. Our vision is to establish a sanctuary where we can provide a place of natural beauty and solitude. We will be creating a space to host health and wellness retreats, workshops, body work and community classes enhanced by the healing energy of nature at it’s finest! For more information, please visit

To learn more about this project, please contact

Michael Packman, Media Relations
590 Bond Rd.,
Milford ON
K0K 2P0
Office: (416) 357-8538

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