Book Review: New Altitude by Wendy Booker


BookerNew Altitude: Beyond Tough Times to the Top of the World by Wendy Booker

New Altitude, written by Wendy Booker, is truly inspirational. After being given a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Wendy decides that her disease will not run her life. Her first act of rebellion against the disease is running the Boston Marathon. Her fundraising efforts for the race and the fact that she planned to run with MS brought a lot of media attention. As a result, she was given the opportunity to climb the seven highest peaks on each of the seven continents. This book is about those adventures.

Wendy is a fighter who doesn’t let life get her down or dictate who or what she should be. She has made it her calling to inspire people around the world and specifically those with MS. She has succeeded. The way she lives her life and her positive spirit show people how resilient human beings are and just what we are capable of.

The book, while inspiring, can be confusing at times, as the story seems to jump from place to place. All in all, the book could use a little tighter editing and flow, but if you’re looking to be motivated and are questioning the next adventure in your life, read this book.

Her next adventure? Racing the Iditarod in 2015. This I will be watching with interest!

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