The Wandering Rose – Vaginas

wandering-amazonUntil we can say the words penis, vagina and anus as freely as we say fingers, toes, ears and nose, we will never be whole beings. Our bodies are part of the environment and each of our body parts has an important function to perform. This story is an effort to reclaim the beauty of the human body…

The Wandering Rose – Vagina

February 14th, 2013 brought with it love, pain, heartbreak, life, death. At the center of all these feelings, actions, emotions was the vagina. Audrey Rose had never given much thought to her vagina, any more than she did to her eyes, her hair or her toes. Growing up in the woods, with only her body and mind for companions, she had explored every inch of her being, both inside and out. She sometimes softly tickled the inside of her wrist, just to feel the pleasure of it. She rubbed her toes. When she reached puberty, she felt ticklings and yearnings between her legs. As she had always done with the rest of her body, she investigated. She looked, she touched, she felt. When she rubbed her clitoris she felt shocks of pleasure tremble through her body and she knew this to be good. She knew this to be good, because her entire body was good. Every part of her body served a purpose – the hands to pick up things, to peel things, to touch things. The belly button as a connection to the place she had come from. The toes and soles to carry her to all the places she wanted to go and her vagina to give her pleasure. This was her sacred area, her pleasure palace.

Reading and vaginas both brought Audrey Rose pleasure, so it only made sense that Audrey would read about vaginas. She read about women who were held down and their clitoris cut off. She met a woman who had that happen, who was sewn up between her legs so she would not be able to have intercourse, but ended up with pus-oozing infections. After she escaped and after much therapy, she was able to feel down there and once or twice even to embrace the pleasure that came from down there. She read about women who embraced pleasure but they were labeled whores.

More reading revealed that men thought they could control women’s vaginas, their sexuality. There was a fear in men. Women were punished for merely being women and their pleasure was ripped out of them, cut out of them, emotionally fucked out of them. And this is the way the world went on. Women called each other cunts and whores and participated in the process of diminishing women’s sexuality, of demeaning women who wanted to feel pleasure. Monogamy was acceptable for women, polygamy was acceptable for men who wanted to control women, celibacy was acceptable for women wanted some respect (from men), but where did Audrey Rose fit in? She believed in doing what felt right when it felt right.

She knew the answer could only be in her vagina. There are voices in all of us much older than we are. They are the voices that tell us that fire burns, or that something bad is about to happen. Out bodies know things that protect us. Our bodies speak if we are willing to listen.

In order to hear her vagina, Audrey Rose went out deep into the woods, over hills, past rivers, through the deepest winter snows until she found a cave, a dark moist place she could crawl inside. She built a fire for warmth and undressed. She started as she always did when she wanted to hear what her body was feeling. She took a deep breath in. Then out. She let her hands rest on her head, then her face, neck, clavicle, shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, fingers, breasts, ribs, belly button, hip bones, pelvis, vagina. She felt the warmth run through her body. She lay down and breathed as the fire played around her. She asked her vagina ‘are you good?’
Her vagina answered You know what you need to know already.
She felt the layers of her labia, reached inside as if for answers and felt the wetness on her fingers. She tasted her self, ingested the answers. She tickled and rubbed and felt the tension, the pleasure building until it escaped and she was quiet. And in that quiet she understood the answer ‘because women feel so much pain in life, because childbirth is painful it has to be compensated by pleasure and because if there is ever to be life on this earth, it must come from women so women deserve a reward for that.’

Audrey Rose thanked her vagina and made to stand up, but her vagina pulled her back down. Her vagina had one more thing to say It’s time for a revolution.

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