Adventures Without Gear

Whenever September rolls around, I find myself looking for adventure. Whether it’s because I used to volunteer for the Park Service in September or because I know the weather for adventure is about to end, I get the itch. This year, not having any money to go anywhere, I have decided to look for adventure in my own back yard. Every day I load up camera and dog and just go. The beauty is, I don’t need any new gear. I have warm clothes from years past, although some are looking a little rough, they will do. I have fleeces that are 10 and 15 years old respectively that still keep me warm. I love that to be in nature I don’t need money. All I need are my feet. So this is a thank you to my feet and my body for continuing to allow me to have adventure without having to have money. Thank you to nature for being a place where any man or woman can go to feel human without judgement and without riches. Nature has always provided all the riches I need.

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