Alpine Aire Foods


I know I’ve covered these guys before, but I have to give another shout out. On my descent into homelessness, I’ve been on a very strict food budget and to supplement what I could afford to buy, I have been eating leftover Alpine Aire meals  for my main meal every day.

When you’re camping, almost anything tastes good because you’re generally so hungry, but to have your freeze dried dinners taste delicious in the comfort of your own home is something completely different. These meals have a variety of flavors, textures and use only fresh ingredients. I feel good after I eat the meals and what would serve as 1 portion in the woods serves easily as two portions at home.

I’m down to my last meal and have been eating them for the last two months. I cannot recommend these foods enough. From their apple blueberry cobbler to their pastas, orange chicken, mustard chicken, turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy, this is one amazing company!

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