Product Review – Jet Boil

I used to rely on cooking meals the old fashioned way when camping. I collected downed wood and made a fire. If I couldn’t make a fire I ate dry food. When I planned on an extended camping trip, my friend urged me to get some sort of stove. He had a Jet Boil and claimed it was his most important piece of equipment. Was it worth the $100.00 price tag?

I ran into snow from day one. I could have cut limbs off trees for fires, but I hate to do that unless it’s an emergency and my life depends on it. I fired up the Jet Boil and had dinner cooking in two minutes. The Flash Cooking System boils 2 cups of water in two minutes. The fuel canister (if you buy the small one) fits in side the cup along with the ignition system. I had a hot meal and a hot drink every night. When snow storms rolled in and I could barely rouse myself out of the tent, I was able to cook up a hot meal with practically no effort.

I love my Jet Boil. It kept me well fed for over a month. I can’t recommend this highly enough to people who don’t mind a little extra weight in the pack. The cup is bulky, but removes the need for a pot, so you save yourself room there. The Jet Boil weighs only 14 oz and boils 16 oz of water in 2 minutes.

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